Mattress store in Pune

Mattress store in Pune

Are you suffering from back pain or neck pain? Is your mattress causing you inconvenience during sleep? Visit the best mattress store in Pune and choose the most comfortable mattress from a wide range of brands to overcome your neck pain and back pain. The selection of right mattress is important as it not only improves the body posture during sleep hours but also helps in avoiding major health issues like backache, joint pain and several other problems that might arise due to substandard quality mattresses. Based on the budget and the individual requirements of customers, we at Yash Designers Studio offer superior quality mattresses for a sound and peaceful sleep.

Buying a perfect mattress is not at all an easy job as you are required to take into account several factors such as the thickness of the mattress, durability, strength, warranty period, type of material used in the manufacturing the mattress and many more. These are the factors that can impact your decision at the time of purchasing a mattress from the top mattress showroom in Pune. Therefore, we aim to provide the highest quality bedding accessories and mattresses that enhance the satisfaction level of the customers and motivates them to make a repeat purchase and refer our services to friends and family members.

Mattress showroom in Pune

Get the most comfortable mattresses only at the best mattress showroom in Pune

Most of us continue to use the old mattress for an indefinite period as a majority of people are unaware that the mattresses should be changed every 7 years. Many customers who visit our mattress showroom in Pune complaint us that the mattresses are not comfortable and they are facing problems like stiffness in back and back pain when they get up in the morning. If you are also facing these problems, then, it’s the right time to change your mattress. The right-sized mattress with proper support can help you avoid the pain problems and you can check the comfort level before purchasing the mattress.

With the advancement in technology, the major brands producing mattresses are coming up with a wide range of mattresses such as air mattresses, innerspring, gel-infused foam mattresses, pocket coils, latex, memory foam mattress, waterbeds, etc. According to health professionals, seven to eight hours of sleep is considered necessary at night but due to faulty and uncomfortable mattresses, most of us are not able to take a sound sleep which is important for the healing of the body. We at Yash Designers Studio help you figure out the right type of mattress as per your specific body type. Just visit our mattress store in Pune and get consulted for the right type of mattress.

Are you a working professional spending long hours sitting in a single position? What is the first thing you do after reaching home? You lie on your bed to relax but what about if the mattress is not able to provide you desired relief? Our orthopedic mattress is in great demand as they are firm and provides extra support and relaxation to the spine. Your entire body, especially the shoulders and other pressure points are relieved of pain with the improvement in the alignment of the spine. Apart from this, our luxury mattresses are designed to offer you a high level of perfection right at your home. The support layers, as well as the comfort layers, have been thoughtfully crafted so that the mattress can be adjusted according to specific body shape without the feeling of sinking.

All in all, as the best mattress showroom in Pune, we do not compromise with quality and therefore, we bring the best of the varieties in mattress and other furnishing items to serve our customers in the best possible way. You can choose your product as per your choice and preference as we keep customer satisfaction on top priority. In addition to this, at our mattress store, you can find products from all major brands and you can experience top quality services and consultation from our home furnishing expert. Choose the right size, color, material of the mattress for the most comfortable and sound sleep that helps you to relax and reduce your stress.