wallpaper dealers in Pune

Wallpapers Dealers In Pune

Wallpapers are the hassle free, durable, fastest, most convenient wall decoration product. It is the most preferred wall finish over the globe. About 70% homes and offices around the world are dressed with beautiful wallpapers. Yash Designer Studio, wallpaper dealers in Pune, offers you a wide range of wall papers in design, textures, and shades of local and imported wall papers.

Painting a space can block it for weeks. Yash Designer Studio’s wallpapers save you from the inconvenience of a continuously blocked house or an inactive store or office. Our collection includes wall papers for your homes, hotels, offices, kids, showrooms, hospitals and others. Buy designer wallpapers at Yash Designer Studio and give a unique look to your home or house.

wallpaper dealers in Pune

Wallpapers have rapidly evolved over the years both in terms of designs and material mediums making them a preferred decor choice. No other medium can offer such a wide variety of colour, texture and pattern. No other medium can add so much character and depth to an area. All the wall paper designs provided by us are known for their elegant colors, high quality, and contemporary designs that add a unique look to an interior.

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We have been reckoned as one of the prominent Wholesalers & suppliers of wallpapers. Our decorative Wallcoverings are sure to enhance the appearance of the confines spaces such as homes, villas, offices, shops and others. Our wallpapers are available as a simple lining paper which can be painted to cover minor wall flaws.

We provide a wide range of plain, embossed, bright, geometric design, floral arts wallcoverings in various colors and patterns for your home, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, cabins, conference rooms, cafeteria, server room, reception and others. Our collection suits your requirement for sure. Our extensive range of graphic wallpaper is used widely in enhancing the appearance of the interiors of homes, offices, and other buildings. The graphic wallpaper range is available in the specifications of plain and patterned graphic patterns with self-textures, easy maintenance, cost effective, and the variety of finishes.

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Yash Designer Studio is one of the country's leading wallpaper stores in Pune. We are engaged in manufacturing, dealership, distribution and sales of wallpapers and other furnishing materials. We have been determined to provide our industry & market, innovative products of superior quality, to operate a safe, clean and friendly workplace, as well as to observe the highest ethical standards in business conduct.

Being the best wallpaper dealers in Pune, we offer a variety of imported wallpaper for highlighting walls. It can be used in the hall beside of sitting sofa, you can also use in your bedroom. Our wallpapers collection distinguishes an interior from the traditional one. We have become the prime choice of numerous beauty & quality conscious customers for designer wallpaper in Pune.

As the top wallpaper showroom in Pune, you can explore a wide range of imported wallpaper for decorating your walls most beautifully. Be it your bedroom, drawing room, dining area or any other part of your house, we offer wallpapers in beautiful designs in different categories to adorn the interior of your house. Our products are mainly for those who do not compromise with quality and therefore, we have attained the trust of numerous customers in the category of designer coverings. Moreover, top quality material ensures the durability of the wallcovering and thus, with us, you can expect unmatched quality products.

In addition to this, you can find a large assortment of wallpapers from top brands so that you can give your living space and walls a luxury touch. Want to choose from nature-inspired wallpapers or 3D wallpapers? The choice is completely yours and therefore, we turn your imagination into reality with our unique colors and bold patterns that are suitable for all age-group. Children love cartoon characters and therefore, our wallpaper designs for children include wall covering that helps them imagining a completely new world. Try the exquisite range of wallpapers that are specifically designed according to Indian homes with modern taste and sophistication. The enchanting wallpapers that range from textured to metallic and embroidered wallpapers.

In addition to this, we have adopted a customer-oriented approach and therefore, as the top wallpaper showroom in Pune we aim for the best quality product at the most competitive prices. Further, the ease to apply wallcoverings helps in renovating your home or the office space in a few hours and the entire process is hassle-free, smell free and avoids any kind of inconvenience. Further, all are wallcoverings that are highly washable and colorfast that offers the long-lasting impact of the wallpapers. Although we possess a wide variety of wallpapers that suits the taste of the individual customer but still if the customers are not able to find the design and pattern of their choice, we can help you in finding the right design and pattern with our custom wallpaper services so you can give the desired touch to your walls as per your imagination.

Don’t have time to visit our wallpaper store in Pune? Just order online to purchase your favorite wallcovering to decorate your walls and give the best look to your home interior to infuse positive in your house.

    Specifications of Our Wallpapers:
  • Durability : Our wallpapers are eminently long on life. Their material and application are high on integrity. Regular maintenance and upkeep as per the guidelines, keep the charm of Yash Designer Studio’s wallcoverings.
  • Washable : Dust and dirt collected on a painted wall often leave marks forever. Our range of wallpapers is naturally colourfast and washable. They can be periodically sponge-washed with soap solution and warm water. Our wallpapers appear clean, fresh and pleasing, reflecting beautifully on your space.
  • Eco-Friendly : Our wallpapers do not emit aerosols like paints, and warrants no cutting of trees. The colour pigments are also water based. Therefore, when you choose us, you choose a healthy ecology.
  • Energy Saver : Our wallpapers restrict the flow of heat, acting as a coolant in summers and as a heating device in winters. They limit the need for air-conditioning or heating naturally.
  • Hygienic : Our wallpapers repel dust, assuring cleaner surroundings and easy breathing for all. They are an outstanding choice for spaces where hygiene is vital.
  • Fire Retardant : Our wallpapers inhibit the spread of fire.
  • Safety : Our wallpapers do not contain lead and hence are truly safe. For every space in which hygiene is vital, our wallpapers are a natural choice.

Ordering wallpaper for homes has never been this easy, you can simply purchase your favourite wallpaper at the click of a button with us. Contact us for any queries on the wallpapers.